~ I Jamon Tacos Ham (small cubes) 500g
~ La Bodega Espana VShape Serrano Jamon (Boneless)
~ La Bodega Jamon Serrano Sliced ham
~ Capa Negra Iberico de Bellota, Paleta (36 months)
~ Capa Negra Iberico de Bellota, Bone-In Paleta (36 months)
~ Corumbel and Rubio Anada 1965 8 °
~ Katealde 98% Goose Liver
~ Iberian Loin
~ Corumbel and Rubio Balsamic Vinegar 6°
~ Seleccion Lamb Chops Bone-In
~ Olivalle - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic)
~ Olivalle - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic)
~ Rioja Reserva 2006, Marques del Atrio
~ Luis Felipe Brandy Gran Reserva
~ Mont Ferrant Brut Reserva 2008
~ Porkus Crianza Rioja 2008
/ Organic & Healthy / Organic Olive Oil
Olivalle - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic)
Olivalle - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic) (10ml x 8 sachets)

The conscientious production of organic olive oil, implies the maximum respect to environment, as only natural products are used when farming olive groves and, consequently, these crops remain free of all those chemical products which cause enormous damage to the ecosystem and to human health. Severe quality controls guarantee through the organic certification that this kind of olive oil is truly organic.

In recent years more and more people favor to the Mediterranean Diet. The reason may be that the result of some studies has shown that the Mediterranean diet can prevent certain diseases, in particular, the coronary heart disease. According to the Research, it pointed out that if the elderly diet intake includes more olive oil, it lowers the possibility of stroke or heart disease.

Olive oil is the best selected cooking oil (below 180 degrees Celsius) without cholesterol and trans-fat.
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Olivalle - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic)
Olivalle - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic)
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