~ La Bodega Espana VShape Serrano Jamon (Boneless)
~ Capa Negra Cebo de Campo, Bone-In Jamon (36 months)
~ I Jamon Tacos Ham (small cubes) 250g
~ Laudes Iberico de Bellota, Bone-In Jamon (36 months)
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~ Iberian Tenderloin
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~ Olivalle - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic)
~ Porkus Crianza Rioja 2008
~ Llopart Rose Brut 2009
~ Mont Ferrant Brut Reserva 2008
~ Luis Felipe Brandy Gran Reserva
/ Jamon / Serrano / Serrano Ham - I JAMON
I Jamon Tacos Ham (small cubes) 500g
I Jamon Tacos Ham (small cubes) 500g

Ijamon Tacos are made by part of Jamon Serrano which is after 210 days of curation or more. The only material used is of premium, we only select jamon that is approved. Serrano Tacos is produced by artificially replicating the traditional methods with modern technology that systematically ensures high hygiene and quality. The goal is to offer the same ham, but achieving a higher standard of quality, uniformity and safety.

Tacos ham are similar to diced ham but larger making them great to lightly sprinkle over salads, stuff mushrooms or chicken breast and to cook with. Tacos will become crisp when baked or fried and they are a firm favourite in Spain being lightly fried in olive oil before being patted dry then sprinkled over pumpkin soup. Tacos ham can be served raw or cooked and add a lovely Spanish flavour to all types of chicken dishes, soups, casseroles and other Spanish meals.

This product is made by part of Jamon Serrano which is after 210 days of curation or more, to be kept in a dry and cool place between 0°C -6°C.
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