~ Capa Negra Iberico de Bellota, Bone-In Paleta (36 months)
~ Laudes Iberico de Bellota, Bone-In Jamon (36 months)
~ Capa Negra Cebo de Campo, Bone-In Jamon (36 months)
~ La Bodega Jamon Serrano Sliced ham
~ I Jamon Tacos Ham (small cubes) 500g
~ Corumbel and Rubio Anada 1965 8 °
~ Corumbel and Rubio Anada 1965 8 °
~ Corumbel and Rubio Balsamic Vinegar 6°
~ Corumbel and Rubio Balsamic Vinegar 6°
~ Iberian Loin
~ Olivalle - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic)
~ Olivalle - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic)
~ Llopart Rose Brut 2009
~ Luis Felipe Brandy Gran Reserva
~ Mont Ferrant Brut Reserva 2008
~ Rioja Reserva 2006, Marques del Atrio
/ Gourmet / Meat Cut - Lamb
Sheep farming experts generally agree that mutton refers to meat from sheep that are over two years old (lamb meat is generally from animals that have been reared for five months).

Because lamb is such a tender meat, most cuts lend themselves well to all the main cooking methods. Marinating lamb works wonders, helping enhance its flavour and making it meltingly tender. Lamb is popular in many cuisines - used in rich spicy stews, kebabs and rice dishes in French, Spanish, Greek and Middle Eastern cookery. Mutton frequently appears in Indian recipes.

Chops of all kinds are suitable for grilling, barbecuing and pan-frying. Leg or shoulder steaks are excellent cooked whole. For kebabs and stir-fries use diced leg or neck fillet.
Seleccion Lamb Chops Bone-In
Seleccion Lamb Chops Bone-In
Lamb Chops Bone-In (400g)
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