~ Laudes Iberico de Bellota, Bone-In Jamon (36 months)
~ La Bodega Jamon Serrano Sliced ham
~ Capa Negra Iberico de Bellota, Jamon (36 months)
~ I Jamon Tacos Ham (small cubes) 250g
~ Capa Negra Cebo de Campo, Bone-In Jamon (36 months)
~ Iberian Fore Loin (Secreto Iberico)
~ Corumbel and Rubio Anada 1965 8 °
~ Seleccion Lamb Chops Bone-In
~ Corumbel and Rubio Balsamic Vinegar 6°
~ Corumbel and Rubio Balsamic Vinegar 6°
~ Olivalle - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic)
~ Olivalle - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic)
~ Rioja Reserva 2006, Marques del Atrio
~ Mont Ferrant Brut Reserva 2008
~ Porkus Crianza Rioja 2008
~ Llopart Rose Brut 2009
/ Gourmet
Olive Oil
The health benefits of olive oil are extensive with new positive attributes discovered all the time. One prominent cardiologist recommends at least two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil each day to enjoy the many ways olive oil can be beneficial to your health and well being.

In addition to bolstering the immune system and helping to protect against viruses, olive oil has also been found to be effective in fighting against diseases such as : Cancer, Heart Disease, Oxidative Stress, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Obesity, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis.
The most popular types of vinegar are made from apples and grapes. If the apples are used, the resulting product is apple cider vinegar. With grapes, the fermentation can produce either balsamic or wine vinegar.

Wine vinegar is the most commonly used type of vinegar in the Mediterranean countries and Central Europe. It is made from red or white wine, and its quality, much like the wine, can vary from modest to excellent.
Spain is a well-being of land, as unique geography and climate is very suitable for livestock, and thus has different dairy products and a diverse of cheese flavor, the major milk products are sheep milk, goat's milk and cow milk. They can be one integrated project, or can also be independent in making single taste cheese and whether they are fresh or after curing, the different doses of the enzyme and dairy products can be interwoven 100 on different size, shape and color of cheese, and individual engraved with a fabulous patterns or design of stripes, to a form of food art.
Meat Cut - Duroc
The Duroc breed of pig originated in the corn growing regions of the USA, and today is commonly found as a terminal sire in modern crossbreeding production systems. It is a muscular breed with a distinctive red coat, which may vary from honey to mahogany, and drooped ears. They remain fairly lean as they grow, not putting down excess fat outside the muscles until they have finished growing and are overfed. The result is succulent meat with a nice level of fat within it.
Meat Cut - Iberico
Ibérico pork, fresh and cured, comes from animals of the Ibérico breed. What distinguishes this breed from regular porkers (such as Large White, Landrace and Duroc) is that they are very slow to mature, never reaching the size of hogs destined to be pork chops. The Ibérico breed, as it adapted to its habitat, acquired the unique characteristic of storing fat infiltrated in the flesh. The marbled meat is what makes it so juicy. Fresh Ibérico pork meat comes in a variety of cuts with curious names like secreto, pluma, presa—“secret,” “feather” and “prize”.
Meat Cut - Lamb
Sheep farming experts generally agree that mutton refers to meat from sheep that are over two years old (lamb meat is generally from animals that have been reared for five months).

Because lamb is such a tender meat, most cuts lend themselves well to all the main cooking methods. Marinating lamb works wonders, helping enhance its flavour and making it meltingly tender. Lamb is popular in many cuisines - used in rich spicy stews, kebabs and rice dishes in French, Spanish, Greek and Middle Eastern cookery. Mutton frequently appears in Indian recipes.

Chops of all kinds are suitable for grilling, barbecuing and pan-frying. Leg or shoulder steaks are excellent cooked whole. For kebabs and stir-fries use diced leg or neck fillet.
Other Delicacies
One of the great pleasures of Spain is the diversity of local and regional dishes which is famous of using fresh and good quality ingredients. Nowadays, it is pleasing to enjoy Spanish food that is considered the quality or state of being rare and luxurious. You can simply purchase online and take some Spanish flavor to your own kitchen. Unusual flavors and unique characteristics are considered the prime factors of our gourmet selection. You can try out the recipes with our selection and impress your friends and family with the great Spanish touch.
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