~ La Bodega Espana VShape Serrano Jamon (Boneless)
~ La Bodega Jamon Serrano Sliced ham
~ Capa Negra Iberico de Bellota, Bone-In Paleta (36 months)
~ Capa Negra Cebo de Campo, Bone-In Jamon (36 months)
~ Laudes Iberico de Bellota, Bone-In Jamon (36 months)
~ Corumbel and Rubio Balsamic Vinegar 6°
~ Corumbel and Rubio Anada 1965 8 °
~ Corumbel and Rubio Balsamic Vinegar 6°
~ Katealde 98% Goose Liver
~ Iberian Loin
~ Olivalle - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic)
~ Olivalle - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic)
~ Luis Felipe Brandy Gran Reserva
~ Porkus Crianza Rioja 2008
~ Mont Ferrant Brut Reserva 2008
~ Rioja Reserva 2006, Marques del Atrio
/ Jamon / Serrano
Serrano ham is one of Spain's most valued culinary treasures, a symbol of centuries of history and tradition. It is a dry-cured Spanish ham, which is generally served raw in thin slices. The fresh hams are trimmed and cleaned, then stacked and covered with salt for about two to three weeks in order to draw off excess moisture and preserve the meat from spoiling. The salt is then washed off and the hams are hung to dry for about six months. Finally, the hams are hung in a cool, dry place for six to eighteen months, depending on the climate, as well as the size and type of ham being cured.
Serrano Ham - I JAMON
The I JAMON brand name is introduced with the same mission statement of I Jamon Museo – pursuing “the best of the best” fine food for the enjoyment of luxury life and to deliver a positive life attitude, by utilizing the expertise and plant capacity to supply in particular product lines and concentrate on producing exclusive gourmet items.

Curing Serrano ham takes place in what is known as a secadero, sometimes called a curing house or curing cellar. Each ham is trimmed, extracted any excess blood and is covered and ‘stacked’ in salt, as a general rule for one day per kilo of initial weight. After around 12 - 14 days the hams are then cleaned before being hung.
Serrano Ham - LA BODEGA
The ancient tradition of cured Hams in Andalusia has its industrial beginnings in the cellars, form part of the Terndn 'Xunez Ducal Palace.

The plant currently occupies an area of 6,000 square meters, where tradition is combined with the very latest technology.
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